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CleanWater Supreme Mini

5 stage Reverse-Osmosis Filtration System ideal for both household and small scale-industrial use!

What is it?

An energy efficient reverse osmosis system with an inbuilt adjustable pump to ensure optimal filtration pressure and smooth flow of water throughout the system.
With a high filtration efficiency and low waste water rejection rate, the CleanWater Supreme Mini can assure you of a low or non-existent microbial load and very low levels of dissolved solids.

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☑️ Sediment Cartridges/Activated Carbon: ISO-9001 Certified, ISO-14001 Certified

☑️ Sediment Cartridges made in the USA

☑️ Housing and pump made in Taiwan
☑️ CSM branded Reverse Osmosis Membrane from South Korea


Filtration Mechanism

  1. Stage 01: 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge to remove rust, dirt, and other large sediments

  2. Stage 02: High-efficiency Carbon Block (CTO) Activated Carbon Filter. Removes odors, chlorine and inhibits the growth of all bacteria while removing heavy metals.

  3. Stage 03: 1 Micron Sediment Cartridge as a tertiary filter to ensure the complete removal of any leftover suspended particles include any carbon discharge.

  4. Stage 04: CSM Branded 100 Gallon-Per-Day Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane with a filtration precision of 0.001 microns. Actively removes all particles including dissolved particles and leftover bacteria and virus particles. Results in ultra-pure water output.

  5. Stage 05: Inline Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Cartridge to further remove any odors or taste components.

Image by KOBU Agency

Choose a plan!

1) Rent (Pay-per-litre):

  •  $0.5/L of water used or $20 per month (whichever is higher)

  • Just send up a WhatsApp picture of the meter reading once a quarter!

  • Billed quarterly (due 7 days after billing)

  • Minimum commitment of 2 quarter Additional charges:

  • Replacement cartridges (every 6 months): $10

  • Installation/Uninstallation Fee: $50

  • Late payment (after 7 days from billing): $2/day

2) Buy (Monthly Installments)

  • Choose one of our interest-free monthly installment plans!

  • Option 1: 6 month: $85/month

  • Option 2:12 month: $43/month

  • Free installation

  • 1-year warranty

3) Buy (Lump Sum)

  • One-off payment of $505

  • Free installation

  • 3-year warranty

  • 15% discounts on cartridges for 3 years!

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